Lecturer of the Year Awards 2012

A cheeky update must be given to proclaim the greatness of the wondrous event held tonight – the School of Science Lecturer of the Year Awards 2012!

A brilliant night was had by students and staff alike, who came on down to Room 1 in the Students’ Union and enjoyed the awards ceremony alongside dedicatory speeches, drinks, food and live entertainment.


The winners for the Information Science department were:

and on a school level, one of ours won as well! The award for Most Involved Lecturer in the School of Science went to Derek Stephens.

All staff expressed their sincere thanks for the award and nomination, gratitude for the event, and appreciation generally for the students they engage with and the experiences that they have had that they feel have led them to where they are today.


The school’s Programme Presidents had been working hard on this event for some time behind the scenes, creating surveys and gathering quotes to ensure that the entire evening could run under budget. A sheer wealth of time and effort went into this, including liaisons with the Dean of the school, Paul Chung, the Associate Dean of Teaching, Ray Dawson, Paul’s wonderful PA Pam Taylor, and numerous other staff members besides, and the input from all made the evening a roaring success!

Finalists voted for various categories on school and departmental levels, rewarding as many staff as possible from all arenas, including support staff too!

The Future:

Hopefully the success of this year’s event will pave the way for similarly successful events in the future!

Well done to all, and thanks again to those who came!


3 responses to “Lecturer of the Year Awards 2012

  1. I’m so sorry to have missed it – looks like it was a fantastic evening. Melanie

  2. Thanks for all your hard work in organising this, and all the kind words and nominations. Will miss you guys, but have fun out there in the big wide world. And STAY IN TOUCH!!!

  3. Derek Stephens

    A fantastic evening produced by our Loughborough students which put a huge smile of the faces of staff. We really appreciate everything you did. Thank you all.

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