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Finalist Party

Buffet, beer and banter were the key words of the night! Well, ‘wine’ was too, but the alliteration sounds far sweeter!

The finalist party was a genial event enjoyed by all who attended, including a mixture of finalist students and staff from the Information Science department. A large and delicious buffet was laid on, along with a free drink for all who popped by quick enough, and staff were leading the way with all forms of merriment to entertain those soon-to-be graduates who they just didn’t need to act academic and robotic in front of anymore!

With sing-songs by Ian Murray, embarassment galore from Janet Harrison to poor, unsuspecting students, and a thank you toast to all who came, the group will surely remember this farewell occasion as one of the best!

Lecturer of the Year Awards 2012

A cheeky update must be given to proclaim the greatness of the wondrous event held tonight – the School of Science Lecturer of the Year Awards 2012!

A brilliant night was had by students and staff alike, who came on down to Room 1 in the Students’ Union and enjoyed the awards ceremony alongside dedicatory speeches, drinks, food and live entertainment.


The winners for the Information Science department were:

and on a school level, one of ours won as well! The award for Most Involved Lecturer in the School of Science went to Derek Stephens.

All staff expressed their sincere thanks for the award and nomination, gratitude for the event, and appreciation generally for the students they engage with and the experiences that they have had that they feel have led them to where they are today.


The school’s Programme Presidents had been working hard on this event for some time behind the scenes, creating surveys and gathering quotes to ensure that the entire evening could run under budget. A sheer wealth of time and effort went into this, including liaisons with the Dean of the school, Paul Chung, the Associate Dean of Teaching, Ray Dawson, Paul’s wonderful PA Pam Taylor, and numerous other staff members besides, and the input from all made the evening a roaring success!

Finalists voted for various categories on school and departmental levels, rewarding as many staff as possible from all arenas, including support staff too!

The Future:

Hopefully the success of this year’s event will pave the way for similarly successful events in the future!

Well done to all, and thanks again to those who came!

Read and understand instructions

The most important thing to remember from the second masterclass in our series – ‘A career in publishing: all you need to know,’ by Suzanne Collier and Suzanne Kavanagh – is to “read and understand instructions,” although there is much that was learnt besides that.

These two lovely ladies tested the brains of us publishing students with quizzes on the industry, brilliant asides (what is the future of publishing? Will we eventually need anti-gravity space readers?), and thought-provoking ideas on how to get into it and how to advertise you!

A predominant theme running through was that publishing is not as elusive as it seems, even if it is quite exclusive. Networking is required to get in, but they still need to hire because they need to expand and improve upon their services. Ultimately,  publishing is ‘an industry like any other, and it’s aim is to make money.’ Worrying about the elitism and gatekeepers, it’s easy to forget that!

Statistics comforted students though, as they showed that publishers were still recruiting educated individuals – that degree isn’t a waste! They also showed that certain sub-sectors were still struggling to be filled, so don’t focus on being an editor: maybe it’s not what you think it is, and maybe you’d be better elsewhere! Keep an open mind, and get as much as experience as you can (just don’t get caught in the free labour cycle!).

The main points we took away were that you are never too old to stop learning, so expand your skill sets; make contacts – you never know when you might need them (or them you!); get experience from all areas, and then make up your mind; use every tool possible to market your passion (Facebook, Twitter, blogging sites, and LinkedIn are just a few named free tools that can help with this!), and finally just have fun – the industry is filled with papers, long hours, coffee and cakes, so if you really want to work there, get a sense of humour and prove that you’ll pull out the stops! Who could refuse you then (with a good CV, of course)?

Masterclass with Bobby Nayyar

The first in a series of masterclass events and workshops got off to a flying start yesterday, with Bobby Nayyar from Limehouse Books talking to students from all years about his experiences of the trade.

Students were treated to an intense and hilarious brainstorming session, inverting a lot of misguided preconceptions about the industry and how it functions, what costs really worked out as on average, how Limehouse interact with their authors and customers, as well as useful tips on how to best utilise various forms of marketing and advertising to reach your target audiences!

All these key aspects and more come under the following five headings:

  • Financial
  • Logistical
  • Legal
  • Creative
  • Personal

Our power hour concluded with a few helpful hints and tips about how to get started, and a cheeky Q&A session at the end! It was a fun and interesting session, and we thank Bobby for his graciousness in hosting the first masterclass and imparting his knowledge to us budding publishers!

Watch this space for upcoming events!

To find out more about Bobby Nayyar and Limehouse Books, look up their website at, follow them on Twitter via @limehousegroup and @bobbynayyar, or alternatively, check them out on Facebook (search ‘limehousebooks‘).