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Happy Maytilda!







What better way to celebrate the month of May than to honour one of the best literary characters! Waterstone’s have chosen Roald Dahl’s Matilda as their children’s book of the month and are hosting events all around the UK. We can’t wait to spend the bank holiday weekend re-reading this old favourite. Who can resist these sentiments:


Happy Birthday (and death) to Shakespeare

A very happy birthday (and death) to William Shakespeare today.

In celebration of the Bard’s birthday we are indulging in a bit of Shakespearian insulting:

Thou impertinent motley-minded scullian!


Happy World Book Night!

There have been so many lovely book-related events around the country today to celebrate World Book Night – how did you celebrate?


Who do you think will/should win the Women’s prize for fiction 2013?

The Women’s prize for fiction 2013 shortlist was announced today and includes some literary heavyweights.

If you missed it, please do read Rachel’s review of NW by Zadie Smith:

Why self-publishing should now be considered part of publishing

We’re super excited that Alison Baverstock is coming to speak to us next week about self publishing!


For those that can’t make it, please do check out Alison’s Guardian article Ten ways self-publishing has changed the books world.

Quentin Tarantino films as Penguin-style book covers!

Hot on the heels of our bestselling albums as books blog post, London designer Sharm Murugiah has re-imagined Quentin Tarantino’s films/screenplays as vintage Penguin-style book covers!



We’d certainly like to add these to our book collection!

Do you write in the margins?

Calling all bookworms! Do you scribble in the margins furiously while disagreeing with somebody’s opinion? Do you highlight lovely quotes to text to your beloved? Does the thought of writing in a crisp new book horrify you?

We’re two book-related academics (no seriously, we get to study books for a living – how awesome is that!?) who are super interested in marginalia and want to find out if/what people are writing in books. Would be lovely to hear what you do.

If you’re interested sharing your practices then please fill out this questionnaire. It should take about 15 minutes and will be really helpful to us. Please pass this on widely to any other book-lovers (or any weird book-haters) you know.

Link to our lovely questionnaire:

Thank you 🙂

Happy Birthday Douglas Adams!

Do you know your Jane Austen from your Jane Eyre…?

Celebrate International Women’s Day and test your knowledge of pioneering female writers.,,448070,00.html

Happy International Women’s Day!