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Quentin Tarantino films as Penguin-style book covers!

Hot on the heels of our bestselling albums as books blog post, London designer Sharm Murugiah has re-imagined Quentin Tarantino’s films/screenplays as vintage Penguin-style book covers!



We’d certainly like to add these to our book collection!

Happy Birthday Douglas Adams!

Do you know your Jane Austen from your Jane Eyre…?

Celebrate International Women’s Day and test your knowledge of pioneering female writers.,,448070,00.html

Happy International Women’s Day!

If best-selling albums had been books instead…

Graphic designer Christophe Gowans imagines if best-selling albums had been books instead. Check out his redesigns here:

Some of our favourites:

Abbey Road by the Beatles

abbey-e1337269377731Loveless by My Bloody Valentine



The Boy who knew too much by Mika

boyknew-e1336592727755The Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon redesign is awesome too but the photo is too small to upload. Go and check them out yourself!


Dear Fandoms

Are you a member of a fandom? f so, check out this awesome blog:


200 years of Pride and Prejudice in book covers


What better way to start Valentine’s Day than to peruse 200 years of Pride and Prejudice book covers…


Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day for Book-lovers

Valentine’s day is looming and many of us still haven’t bought our significant others (or ourselves) gifts to celebrate this day of love. If your other half is a book-lover or if you are a book-lover and want to drop hints for the perfect present, or buy yourself something special, then look no further than our top five Valentine’s day gift guide for book-lovers.

1. A trip to Paris to stay at Le Pavillon des Lettres.


Not only will you spend time in the City of Love but you will stay in Paris’ first literary inspired hotel; where each of the 26 rooms reflect the works of the author after which it is named, with writers ranging from Hans Christian Anderson to Emile Zola.

2. Literary themed clothes/accessories.


Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 11.09.09

Just a small selection that we’d like to add to our wardrobe…

3. A chocolate book

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 11.10.48

Books and chocolate: the perfect combination!

4.  Literary pieces for the home



original_owl.bookends_lifestyleTo create the perfect reading environment…

5. Books, lots of glorious books!

Stitched PanoramaYou can never go wrong with books! If you’re stuck for what book to buy then The Guardian asks What are the best books for Valentine’s Day?

If you have any more suggestions then we’d love to hear them.

A belated celebration of Sylvia Plath’s life

Sylvia Plath committed suicide fifty years yesterday. This interesting programme documents her last days.