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An Injection of Glamour

Starting my placement year at H. Bauer Publishing in August, I was excited for what the year might bring in terms of knowledge, experience, and professional contacts. I was not prepared, however,  for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event or a cheeky late night conversation with Mr Vernon Kay…

With the phrase “Lucky girl” still ringing in my ears, I jumped excitedly head-first into my new marketing assistant role at H. Bauer Publishing just over a month ago. Having managed to secure a couple of weeks work experience at Bauer before, the familiar faces roaming the corridors of the cool Camden-based offices made the somewhat arduous transition from uni-student to professional working-girl slightly less daunting.

Sitting comfortably at my new desk, I had expected my first few weeks to be filled with the highly mundane yet irritatingly important tasks like web-stat analysis – no such luck! Instead, I was informed a mere 14 days into my new job that I was going to be an essential  element in the smooth-running of this year’s TV Choice Awards, one of Bauer’s biggest events of the year. Publisher of TV Choice magazine (the UK’s biggest selling mag!), the preparation for the big day had been in progress long before I had arrived and yet there I was, the new intern, being prepped for the star-studded occasion.

In the days leading up to the event, I experienced a mixture of excitement, panic, and anxiety about my role and what it might entail; however, I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences in my life. From the moment I arrived at the famous Dorchester hotel, it was all-hands-to-the-deck as red carpets were rolled out, cameras set up, and security on stand-by in anticipation of the ever-looming paparazzi. (We did, however, have one small break whilst waiting for a certain Lady Gaga to check out of the hotel).

As glamorous as this all sounds; be under no illusion, I was not there to wine and dine with the celebrities. It was hard work as I tried running in heels, ferrying images up and down flights of stairs from the photographers on the red carpet to our in-house web-developers, but the buzz of the evening was electric and unbelievably exciting.  In between the hard work though, I was allowed to mingle with the stars on my breaks, having pictures with the likes of Ant & Dec, cracking jokes with Keith Lemon (well he was) and posing to be seen with the TOWIE crew. It was also an amazing opportunity to network with some very influential people in the publishing world and that, above all, made it worth-while.

I’m not saying that this is your typical work placement story but, so far, TV Choice Awards aside, taking this placement year has been the best decision I have made and I am excited to see what else it has to offer, so here’s to the next 11 months…

Keith Lemon acting serious…

One half of the famous duo