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Are Magazines For Me?

This summer I was fortunate enough to be offered a placement with Archant Magazine group. I was there for a week, which was broken up by working on two different magazines: Discover Britain and Wild Travel. ‘Discover Britain’ covers events and locations on Britain, which usually has a historical twist. On the other hand, ‘Wild Travel’ covers wildlife for all of those who love the outdoors and nature.

Based in Cheltenham, the office stood three floors high and was packed to bursting with many of the company’s magazines. ‘Discover Britain’ and ‘Wild Travel’ are produced by the same team, with ‘Wild Travel’ only in its third issue.  Researching new ideas for the magazine took up a large amount of time in the week that I was there. Having recently changed its name from ‘Heritage’ to ‘Discover Britain’ all of their content has a historical element to it and so it was very easy to get side tracked reading all of the information!

Every month they have a section dedicated to events all over Britain and so it was my job to research the upcoming Christmas events. These events tended to range from exhibitions to carol concerts at Salisbury Cathedral. Once found, the magazine required me to contact the chosen organisations for a high resolution image. It was a good chance to practice interaction with others on behalf of an organisation.

Once completed, I moved over onto the ‘Wild Travel’ magazine where I researched top wildlife trips and luxury safari lodges, contacting the organisations for information. Once all the information had been found I had to condense everything into a short paragraph for the magazine. The team alternate each month between the two different magazines, which keeps the job interesting. I noticed how necessary it was to have almost constant interaction amongst the team to keep things flowing quickly and smoothly. Overall, it was a good insight on how a magazine is put together and run and I think it is an industry that I would really be interested in pursuing.