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Should Kindles really be banned at Hay festival?

We stumbled across this controversial banner during a lovely weekend in Hay-on-Wye.

It lead us to consider whether Kindles should be banned from the Hay festival: a festival where the written word is celebrated by book enthusiasts. According to one bookseller, Kindles turn readers into “robots in another world” but, sadly, we did not see any cyborgs in Hay…

So are Kindles really the enemy of printed books? We saw several brave readers reading from Kindles, and they weren’t sent to the stocks or anything…

What do you think? Should Kindles be banned from the Hay festival:

Making Hay

I am fortunate enough to live near Hay-on-Wye in Wales, home to the famous Hay Festival. During my search for publishing work experience earlier this year, I called by the Hay-On-Wye offices to see if they were able to offer me anything…and they said yes! For two weeks I was a resident in their offices and what a lovely place to be!

The offices themselves are located in an old hall with beautiful wooden floorboards and large windows. Book cases and posters lined the walls (plus a coffee machine right by my desk!); I can honestly say I was in heaven. Also, the people were nice – a big point I guess!

I was assigned the task of reading a book, the author of which would be appearing at the festival and providing interview questions. It was a good book and I, for one would not complain if this became my full time job. Aside from this, I spent my time organising press clippings, creating spreadsheets and trying my hand at proof reading.

Proofreading opened my eyes to the skills that I certainly need to work on; such detail went into the program, it quite astounded me. It also developed my grammatical skills – a target to work on in the future. It was great to experience ‘office life’ a bit more and to understand how the place is run. Everyone was lovely and always willing to answer any questions that I threw at them, which contributed to a pleasant two weeks there!

I thoroughly enjoyed working at the Hay Festival and am going to make every effort to return and try to learn more about their international festivals (they run internships). In the mean time, onwards towards some more exciting ventures…